Here at Paradise Hills Dentistry, we pride ourselves on delivering expert dental care which includes keeping our patients informed of their upcoming dental needs.

The end of the year is drawing to a close and now is the time to kick off the New Year and ‘Get Your Smile On for 2018!’

Let us help you wrap up your treatment before the end of the year so you can ring in the New Year with a healthy beautiful smile.

If you’ve got dental insurance now is the perfect time to give us a call as insurance plans typically provide annual coverage up to a certain dollar value. Some patients do not realize they have unused benefits for the current year and that they could schedule needed treatment that is covered by their insurance. Unfortunately, dental insurance is not carried over to the next year. In other words, “Use it or lose it”. We don’t want you to lose anything, including your beautiful smile.

Please call our office to review your pending treatment plan at which time we can review what benefits are available under your current insurance. Whether you have insurance or not, mention this Facebook post and we will give you an additional 10% discount off your estimated patient portion for treatment started by the end of this year.